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Your Project Doesn't Have To Be Boring

4 Tips To Increase Project Engagement

If we want projects to engage our stakeholders and deliver results, we need to understand the psychology behind the project and how it affects the way we work together.

To improve engagement during a project, teams sometimes need to focus on the project's goals, rather than the goals of the individuals on the team. The goals of the project, as outlined by the overall objective, should be the driving force for everyone’s actions and behaviours. When the team sets the goals and the project is not progressing as planned, this can be a serious problem. This highlights why motivation is such an important, but often overlooked, part of a project.

How Do You Increase Motivation?

If you're trying to increase motivation during a project, one of the things that you can do is make sure that the people on your team are all interested in the project, and have a good idea of what they're doing. Motivation typically falls into two categories - one when people want something for themselves and one when they have an interest in helping someone else to get something done. In order to increase motivation during a project, you need to foster an environment where both those interests are highly valued.

Motivation typically falls into two categories - one when people want something for themselves and one when they have an interest in helping someone else to get something done

Point 1 - Allow Full Involvement In The Project

One way to foster good engagement in a team is to allow members to get involved with every stage of the project.

There is nothing worse than being excluded from certain parts of a project as this does not foster the spirit of "succeeding as a team". There should be regular meetings about each aspect of the project, from tasks and upcoming milestones to planning the next phase of the project. These meetings should not be passive sessions but constructive ones where all members of the team are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas.

Point 2 - Remove barriers

Engagement can also be fostered by taking simple steps to make the whole project easier to complete. For example, teams that know exactly what they're going to accomplish during the project will have less problem managing their tasks and staying on track.

Good management can teach these teams how to schedule their work effectively and how to eliminate wasted time. Ultimately, you want to remove any barriers that will stop people from moving the project forward and delivering results.

Point 3 - Recognition

Another way to increase motivation during a project is to reward success and acknowledge the efforts of colleagues. All team members should be encouraged at every stage of the project to do their best and consider their individual actions on the project as a whole.

Rewards could be small things that can increase a person's morale, such as time off or some simple token of recognition. Recognition is particularly important for people who have really been working on a specific part of the project, and acknowledgment of their contribution should be highlighted. When people know that their contribution will be valued, they're much more likely to put in the extra effort required to complete the project. This will result in the work getting done faster because of the increased focus and energy that the members of the team have.

Point 4 - Make it fun

Sometimes it can be difficult for a team to maintain motivation during a project. If an individual feels demotivated for some reason, it can be very tricky to get that person back into the groove once again. The project leader should find ways to make sure this does not happen. Making sure there are plenty of interesting challenges that a person can tackle is important.

People may abandon a group if they become bored, so having a fun project is important for the motivation of the team members. Doing tasks that require teamwork can be especially enjoyable. And if the project allows team members to get new experiences, and even learn a new skill, this will almost certainly lead to increased motivation resulting in a fully engaged team.

And Finally...

In conclusion, these are just a few of the many strategies that I have used to improve project engagement. They are easy to implement, and more importantly, they are usually very effective. If you are struggling with engagement, I hope you will try some of these tactics to help your organisation and projects keep their employees more engaged.

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